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Autumn SLAM
Basketball Tournament.

September 24th & 25th, 2022
EYBA Center - 7111 56 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB

Thank You to all attendees of this year's tournament! We appreciate your support!

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Tournament Info.

​​​Join us in Edmonton, Alberta to get some exercise and enjoy the sport of basketball. This 2-day tournament consists of 5 on 5 full-court basketball tournament with a guaranteed 3-game minimum. There are Men's and Women's divisions available (dependent upon registrations). 

The game format used will be the following: 10-minute quarters (1 minute between 1st & 2nd and 3rd and 4th, 5-minute half time). Prizes will be given to teams who show up to all games (with 5 players minimum). The level of prizes will vary based on sponsorship.​

This tournament follows a Round Robin format for divisions that will be ranked as follows: team with the best record, total points against, and total points for.

We will be using FIBA rules apply except; for only 2 timeouts per half, and a 5-minute overtime period, All players must be 18 years or older, Women will use a men's size 7 basketball (unless both teams agree to a size 6).

Each team is to supply a volunteer at the score table for their game. The home team supplies a scorekeeper; the Away team supplies a timekeeper (runs scoreboard).

We request that teams have matching uniforms (colours are the very least). Uniforms will require numbers on the front and back of the uniform. We recommend your team have reversible jerseys if you play a team with a similar coloured uniform.

The winning team is to submit the score sheet to tournament organizers or the designated drop-off area.

Team | Lasers
Team | Old Timers
Team | Run & Gun
Team | Get Buckets
Team | Ninjas in Paris
Team | River City Rukus
Team | Get Buckets

Registration Info.

Entry Fee: $600.00 per team (GST included).

Fee's breakdown: $500.00 (Registration Fee) + $100.00 (Deposit).

Registration will be closed at 8 pm on Sunday, September 11th, 2022.

The $100 deposit (This is used to reserve your team's spot and it is non-refundable)

If your team is on the waiting list & is not selected, the deposit will be refunded.

Registration fees are due in FULL on September 11th, 2022

Autumn SLAM logo.png
Team Registration
Players Registration

Register online and bring your team's waiver form signed to the scoring table prior to the start of your game. 

In the E-transfer to, include your team's name on the message line.

Once your team is registered, your team captain will receive all required documentation after the deadline passes.

For insurance: All players/participants in the Autumn SLAM must be registered with Alberta Basketball. If you are not with a league (EBA, CASMBA, CSMBA, etc) or you play in a league out of province.

You must purchase the membership when registering through RAMP (which is associated with Alberta Basketball) Unless you are participating in an out-of-province league that is covered by other provincial basketball bodies such as Basketball Saskatchewan & Basketball BC.


This membership will be your personal insurance policy for the tournament. Waivers and releases must be signed as well to be eligible to participate in this tournament as well. 



Find your team's Saturday & Sunday schedules below.  The first game's tip-off is as early as 8 AM.

Men’s Recreational
Men’s Semi - Competitive
Men’s Competitive
Women's Open
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We've partnered with Delta Hotels for preferential rates for our participants!

Preferential rates are valid till September 13th for the Cambridge Hotel for our participants! 

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